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Ultras Eagles was founded in 2012 by a group of what some have called ‘super fans’. We’re a dedicated Football Fan Club that brings the latest news, updates, special events, and more to our community. We pride ourselves on being a fun and collaborative environment, where people from all over can come together in fan unity.

With a dream of a few, Ultras Eagles has grown to more than 70 members as off 2021. Over the last 10 years, the Ultras Eagles have established themselves to be one of the biggest fan groups in the Singapore Premier League. Home or Away matches, Tampines or Jurong East, one can always see the Ultras Eagles at the stadiums cheering on their beloved Eagles, turning their voices into roars and setting up a fortress on away stands. The love and passion for Geylang International are our fuel and we will never stop backing the team. 

"Football is not always about results, it brings people from different races and walks of life together to support this club we call Geylang International, so when the results don't go our way on when we are underperforming, you can always look over your shoulder and you will see a fellow supporter who will be at the stands week in week out and you can count on them to be with you & the team together all the way".


We are the 12th Man

We are the Ultras Eagles


Be part of

THE Geylang Family


If you don't even support your own local club then who will!

!! Geylang Boleh !!


I don’t live in Geylang. Geylang lives in me.


Cheer, clap and shout for your Club. When they’re losing, do everything again, LOUDER!


Our Tampines Hub

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