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Ultras Eagles 'NEST' Is Ready

Since 2012, when the Ultras Eagles were formed, growing in numbers were a big challenge. Local football was not appreciated by the locals themselves and Singapore football was in decline. However not everything was bleak, there were still people who wanted to watch the local teams; only unsure of whom to root for. For some, they had their teams fixed, but the avenue of contributing to their team in any manner was unknown to them.

With this said, the Ultras Eagles’ main goal was to unite these group of people to support and cheer on the team during the matches and fast forward 10 years to 2022, the Ultras Eagles have grown to more than 70 members from various backgrounds. The main objective and the dream of the founding members were met and fulfilled. As the focus now turns to growing further in numbers as well as to promote the local football and league, a different strategy is required.

The plan for a platform to unite and strengthen the existing bonds of the fans of Geylang International was initiated. Having a website dedicated to the Ultras Eagles and fans of Geylang International was the next step forward. The website would feature various topics covering the team and players information, match details, Ultras Eagles shop to purchase exclusive merchandise, a blog section to cover various events, and a forum section where fans can discuss issues pertaining to the club, the league or the local football scene. This forum would be conducted by the fans, for the fans.

We have plans to launch the website on 22.02.2022 and we welcome anyone and everyone to join in as members and stand together with the Ultras Eagles for Geylang International FC.


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